1. English

Novels: The Word Tree, Dedalus, UK, 2010 (e-Book, 2013)

A Cidade de Ulisses (The City of Ulysses), Dalkey Archive Press, 2017

Novellas: The Angels – In: The Reading Room 8, 2010

Short Stories:

In The Threepenny Review:

The Old Lady; The Letter; Grandmother and Grandson Against Wind and Sand; The Red Fox Fur Coat;The Reader; Encounter on the S-Bahn; “The Umbrella

In Words Without Borders: “The Woman Who Stole the Rain”

In: Strange Harbours, (Two Lines, World Writing in Translation):

“Four Children, Two Dogs and Some Birds”

In Hayden´s Ferry Review:

The Mimosas

In The Missing Slate:


Janet Burroway, Writing Fiction, 2010, 2012

It has often been read in the performance “Celebrating the Short-Story” in Symphony Space Theatre, New York, since 2005 and in the program of January and February 2013; it is on the CD “Wondrous Women” and  included in performances of “Stories-on-Stage”. Together with two American stories it was adapted for a radio play by Mike Walker and broadcast by the BBC and the New York Public Radio in 2008.


“The Red Fox Fur Coat”, W. W. Norton’s Anthology New Sudden Fiction, 2007

Quest, Reading for Pleasure, Secondary Cycle Two, La Chenelière Education, Canada, 2010

Take Six, (Six Portuguese Women Writers), edited by Margaret Jull Costa, Dedalus Books, UK, 2018

Best European Fiction, edited by Alex Andriesse, Dalkey Archive Press, USA 2019

Lisbon Stories, edited by Helen Constantine and Amanda Hopkinson, Oxford University Press, 2019

Her translator into English is Margaret Jull Costa.

2. Spanish

El Árbol de las Palabras, transl. by Maria Tecla Portela Carreiro, Barcelona, El Cobre Ediciones, 2003

Antología del Cuento Português, org. João de Melo, Alfaguara, 2012

De la otra orilla del Atlántico, Portugal en la Filbo 2013, Bogotá, Colômbia, 2013

Luvina 93, Guadalajara, México, 2018

“Jogo Bravo”, Um Certo Desassossego, Guadalajara, Mexico, Penguin Random House, 2018

3. Italian

La Città di Ulisse – A Cidade de Ulisses, transl. by Alessandra Della Penna, Perugia, Edizioni dell´Urogallo, 2013)

Big Brother isn´t Watching You e Altre Storie – Histórias de Ver e Andar, transl. by Alessandra Della Penna, Perugia, Edizioni dell´Urogallo, 2013)

Passagi – Passagens, tansl. by Daniela Stegagno, Riccardo Condò Editore, 2019

4. French

Le Cheval de Soleil, transl. by Geneviève Leibrich, Paris, Flammarion, 1992

Les Anges, Elisabeth Monteiro Rodrigues, Paris, Autrement, 2003  

5. Czech

Mlcéni (O Silêncio), transl. by Lada Weissová, Prague, Torst, 2009

6. German

Das Schweigen (O Silêncio), transl. by Karin von Schweder-Schreiner, Munich Frauenbuchverlag, 1987

Landschaft mit Frau und Meer im Hintergrund (Paisagem com Mulher…), transl. by Karin von Schweder-Schreiner, Munich, Frauenbuchverlag, 1985

7. Dutch

Landschap Met Vrow en Zee (Paisagem com Mulher …), transl. by Hennie Boos, Utrecht and Amsterdam, Sjaloom 1986

8. Romanian

Casa Umbrelor (A Casa da Cabeça de Cavalo), transl. by Micaela Ghitescu. Bucarest, Editoriala Vivaldi, 2004

9. Croatian

Kuca s Konjskom Glavom (A Casa da Cabeça …), transl. by Tanja Tarbuk. Zagreb, Stajer-Graf, 2009

10. Bulgarian

A Casa da Cabeça de Cavalo (excerpt) – Sofia, PLAMAK, 2006 (Portuguese Literature – 20th and 21st centuries)

11. Arabic 

A Mulher Que Prendeu a Chuva e Outras Histórias, transl. by Said Benabdelouahed. Rabat, Racines Éditions, 2010

12. Slovak

“Citadel'” (“O Leitor”), Antológia Súcasnej Portugalskej Poviedky, Bratislava, 2015

13. Japanese

“O Meu Semelhante”, Antologia de Contos Portugueses Seleccionados, Toquio, Gendai Kikakushitsu, 2018


A Árvore das Palavras,Planeta, 2004

A Cidade de Ulisses, Oficina Raquel, 2017

Alice e Outras Mulheres, Oficina Raquel, 2019